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Mostly harmless forty-something, currently obsessed with all things Anthony Lapaglia, Muse, Trevor Eve and Waking the Dead and the Doctor and Donna Noble. I'd like to find a financially viable alternative to working for a living so I can return to my spiritual home, London. Until such time, I have to work and will often complain about it here, but I'm a very lucky girl with lots of lovely friends both in real life and on-line.

I'm rather fond of
snarky, clever British boys, my friends and family, reading, music,dinner with the girls, Doctor Who, the rain, Top Gear, sleeping, lazy days, travelling, David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Russell T. Davies, Deadwood, laughing out loud, Doctor/Donna fanfiction, trying to write, livejournal.

I can live without
early starts, tea without sugar, stupidity in myself and others, another slice of cake, arrogance.

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a song of ice and fire, al swearengen, alan rickman, andtheasssawtheangel, angel the series, annie, anthony lapaglia, asoiaf, being human, bill nighy, bones, boyd/grace, boys with british accents, brienne, buffy the vampire slayer, captain jack, catherine tate, china mièville, chocolate, chris wolstenholme, christopher eccleston, clive owen, cows, dave matthews band, david tennant, deadwood, diary of a crush, dining out, doctor who, doctor/donna, dominic howard, donna noble, eleven, emma thompson, english boys, esme, fanfiction, friday night project, george, george rr martin, giles coren, giles/sue, gok wan, grace foley, grace/boyd, green wing, gregory maguire, gwen cooper, harry dresden, harry potter, how to look good naked, hugh grant, hugh laurie, ianto jones, jack malone/vivian johnson, jack/viv, jaime lannister, jam and jerusalem, james marsters, james may, jane austen, jane eyre, jeremy clarkson, kevin smith, kings of leon, kirstie allsop, little britain, lotr, love and other crimes, matt bellamy, matt king, matt smith, miami ink, mitchell, movies, muse, music, my ipod, my nephew, neil gaiman, nick cave, nurse jackie, owen harper, peter boyd, peter facinelli, phil spencer, potter, pride and prejudice, property ladder, queer as folk, rainy days, reading, richard e grant, richard hammond, russell t davies, sarra manning, saving grace, science fiction/fantasy books, sense and sensibility, sinatra, slash, sleeping in, snow patrol, spirited, spoilers, stephen fry, sue perkins, sue white, supersizers go..., sylvester mccoy, tarantino, tate/tennant, ten, ten/donna, the big hurt, the doctor, the eleventh doctor, the great and terrible, the soprano's, top gear, torchwood, toshiko sato, travel, trevor eve, trinny and susannah, tyrion lannister, waking the dead, west wing, what not to wear, wilfred mott, without a trace, x-files
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