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How come I can't see that anyone's commented on my page? Do I have to reply through my email? Hello I'm new here and nothing's where I'm expecting it to be.
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I'd like to thank the Tennant's (C & D) for the perfection that is Much Ado About Nothing.* It continues to brings me great joy.

This year I'd like them to do the Scottish play. I'd would happily return to Blighty for that. Someone get on that. Thanks.

* I will at some point post about my live theatre experience and my close (yet brief!) encounter with Her Royal Gorgeousness, C. Tate and the fabulosity of Claire for making it happen.
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Just checking if I really can cross post to lj as easily as my friend Lil says I can.

Edited to say: Turns out I can! Ball-tearer! There may be something to this Dreamwidth thingy after all.


Jun. 23rd, 2009 08:15 pm
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I should probably post something here even if it is only to make the place looked lived in.

I will endeavour at some point in the future to do the whole cross-posting thing here and a livejournal because... well no reason I can think of really just now.

I do want to put up some sort of post about all the little plot bunnies currently starving to death on my hard drive. I come up with these 'what ifs' but don't really think them all the way through. There are about four or five at the moment, withering on the vine, three of which are RPF. Two are supposed to be porny and the other one was supposed to be sweet sort of angst (oh Christ, the angst!) but it could probably do with some porn too.

The thing is, for a fic to work for me, it has to be believable. It can be about unbelievable things; magic, vampires, time travel, but I have to believe the situation that the characters find themselves in, and the way the characters behave in that situation. I need it to be plausible or I find it very hard to get into or you know, stay in once I'm there. I think that's why I take so long to write anything; I've very um, exacting might be the word. I'm very tough on myself I know that much, but I think you have to be.

Believe it or not, I enjoy the act of writing; not that you'd know it by all my hand-wringing over it, but I do enjoy the act of creating something that expresses something in me, that wouldn't exist if it wasn't for me, and I assume that everyone who writes feels something similar. I also believe all writers should be encouraged and nurtured because it takes a whole lot of guts to show total strangers the workings of your heart and head. To offer it up for their approval or disdain. It's a huge risk you take but the sheer joy of sharing a part of you, especially such a cherished part, with someone else is an addictive thing. I think people can tell when you don't write with love; love of the subject, love of the characters, love of the idea, love of situation.

I believe that the people who write in my little corner of fandom do write with complete love for the characters and their enthusiasm is inspiring. I envy them that.
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Back in the Buffy fandom there was a meme of sorts where everyone posted their take on their favourite character.

I started writing this last August so there are bit's some of you have seen before.  [livejournal.com profile] missbaxter even contributed her Wilf, who was spectacular from memory.  I don't think you'd call it complete in any way but I've had fun doing it. 

This is my take on the lovely Miss Noble.  I offer it in lieu of real writing.   Of course, your Donna may vary.  I  would love it if anyone would like to share their Donna or in fact, any of their favourite characters.

Donna. Human. No.  )

This Donna is of course without the happenings of JE.  It's very random and there are probably bits missing.  If there is a particular something that you wonder what my Donna would think/do/feel about, please don't hesitate to ask.  She's feeling quite chatty at the mo'.

My Donna

Aug. 7th, 2008 10:34 am
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During my years of service in the Buffy fandom there was a meme-ish sort of thing that went 'round a couple of times regarding the various characters.  In particular, your take on said character; why they were the way they were etc. So I thought I'd drag out that old chestnut and give you the beginnings of my take on the lovely Donna Noble.  It's not finished but I'm at work and only have a 15 minute break so, here you go


The Daughter of London )
It's just a start.  Feel free to tell me about your own Donna.  Or the Doctor.  Or Sylvia and Wilf or whoever your favourite character may be.


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