Date: 2009-03-14 02:34 am (UTC)
This is brilliant. I love your portrait of Donna. You make her very real.
My favorite parts:

# Is a Daddy’s girl
- I can relate to this, I was a Daddy's girl to. Alas for only eight years though as my father passed away when I was eight. *sob*

# Gets a little thrill every time he tells her she’s brilliant, even though she doesn’t believe him. Yet.
- Hopes she believes him soon.

# Is amused that he still tries to impress her sometimes.
- We all know that the Doctor is a show-off, especially for his Donna.

# Doesn’t mind being mistaken for the Doctor’s wife as much as she lets on. She thinks it’s kind of funny actually and she likes how his cheeks pink up when anyone says it.
- Anytime you can get the Doctor to blush is a plus. 'Cides, he has got to be pretty cute when he does it. ;D

# Likes to listen to him talking to himself in Gallifreyan as he potters about the console room. She’s pretty sure she knows which ones are the swear words.
- Would love to listen to the Doctor talk in Gallifreyan. I believe it would be a beautiful language. My question is though since the TARDIS translates languages into english for the Companions why not Gallifreyan?

# Thinks the Doctor held her hand so much in the beginning because he was trying to help her keep up. Now she’s able to keep up. She’s not sure why he still holds her hand.
- I think she knows why but doesn't want to admit to having the same reason for still letting him hold her hand.

# Has introduced happy hour in the TARDIS. Five o’clock anywhere will find them sipping cocktails and noshing on a plate of nibbles with their legs dangling out the doorway of the TARDIS swapping war stories. The first drink Donna ever made the Doctor was a Harvey Wallbanger. He didn’t like it much.
- What I love about this is the picture of them sitting in the doorway of the TARDIS while she is parked by some Nebula or something of the like.

# Will say “Did you hear that?” when he starts to annoy her because he always gets bored with reading first and he tries to distract her from her book. She does the half turned head thing and the single eye squint move as well. He always goes off to the console room to investigate. It never fails.
- This is so funny. You would think that the Doctor wouldn't fall this; at least after the first 10 or 20 times. :)

# Has written letters to her mother and her grandfather that the Doctor is to deliver in the event of her death. She’s also written letters to Martha and Jack on Doctor handling in the event of her death. She’s knows they’ve both been there before but it doesn’t hurt to have a contingency plan. The letter she is writing to the Doctor is a long one and open ended. She had to buy herself a proper journal once it hit thirty pages. She wants to make sure that she thanks him for everything. In detail.
- Isn't just like Donna to be prepared. Hopes that she has many, many, many pages that she gets to fill before forever comes.

Question(s)-Does she regret not going with the Doctor the first time?
-Does she ever think of herself as Jenny's mum?
-She loves the Doctor but is she "in love" with the Doctor? If so, for how long?

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