Date: 2009-03-13 11:49 pm (UTC)
Oh, I love that! You really paint such a strong, vivid image of her! It reminds me of those pictures that are made up of tiny, individual pictures -- sorry, I'm having massive word fail trying to remember what you call them. *blush* It's like standing up close and seeing all these little snapshots of Donna, then backing up to see them form into one large portrait of her! \o/

My ship-loving heart *squeed* over these points in particular:

# Loves all the adventure of different planets and even the running but she also likes the time spent in between in the Vortex. Some days they can spend hours sitting in the library reading, drinking tea and not saying a word to one another. They used to start out on different chairs, now they both just head for the three seater although it seems to be getting smaller because one or the others legs end up draped over the other before too long. Neither seems to mind terribly much.
# Will say “Did you hear that?” when he starts to annoy her because he always gets bored with reading first and he tries to distract her from her book. She does the half turned head thing and the single eye squint move as well. He always goes off to the console room to investigate. It never fails.
# Likes to listen to him talking to himself in Gallifreyan as he potters about the console room. She’s pretty sure she knows which ones are the swear words.
# Thinks the Doctor held her hand so much in the beginning because he was trying to help her keep up. Now she’s able to keep up. She’s not sure why he still holds her hand.
# Has caught the Doctor looking at her wistfully. When she calls him on it he goes pink and puts it down to his lazy eye.

*wistful fangirling sigh* ;)

I love it! And can't think of a thing to add right now because I'm so busy admiring your view of the fabulous Ms. Noble. ;) ♥♥♥!!!
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