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Back in the Buffy fandom there was a meme of sorts where everyone posted their take on their favourite character.

I started writing this last August so there are bit's some of you have seen before.  [livejournal.com profile] missbaxter even contributed her Wilf, who was spectacular from memory.  I don't think you'd call it complete in any way but I've had fun doing it. 

This is my take on the lovely Miss Noble.  I offer it in lieu of real writing.   Of course, your Donna may vary.  I  would love it if anyone would like to share their Donna or in fact, any of their favourite characters.

  •  Is a Daddy’s girl
  •  Really loved Lance
  •  Couldn’t face Morocco on her own. It was too soon and it hurt too much. She told everyone that she chose Egypt because the travel agency would only transfer the fares for a similarly priced destination only it wasn’t the same price. Donna paid the extra to walk in the oldest dust she could think of.
  •  Didn’t even think about the Doctor’s offer until after her father’s funeral when her mum’s cousin Sharon assumed that Donna would be moving ‘home’ for good now to look after her mum and granddad, but she didn’t think of it as running away, she thought of it as moving on.
  •  Knows her mother loves her. That’s just the way some mothers are. What Donna doesn’t know is that Sylvia sees the potential in Donna and it frustrates the living shit out of her that Donna doesn’t do something with it all. Sylvia would kill to be as clever as Donna is. 
  •  Has worked as a temp for all these years because she still doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up. She doesn’t want to commit to anything until the right thing comes along. She thinks she might be on to something with this running around with a skinny alien saving the universe lark.
  • Is fucked up about this love thing. Oh, she knows that she was/is fiercely loved by her father and her grandfather but they had to love her. It’s the ones who don’t have to love her that she has problems with. The whole strong, independent, clever woman thing that both those men adored and fostered in her is what seems to put most blokes off. Sylvia always told her she’d never get a fella that way. That’s why when Lance didn’t run a mile the first time she’d let him see the real her she thought she’d found a keeper and why she pushed so hard about getting married.  He said and did all the right things to make her feel special. She couldn’t let him get away. How was she to know he was only using her as spider-bait?  But part of her always thought it was too good to be true; her and Lance and that day under the Thames while her world fell apart, a nasty little voice – part Nerys, part Sylvia and yeah, partly her own – said ‘told you so’.
  • Finds it ironic that the she gets to live the life Lance was prepared to kill her for.
  • She says a silent thank you to him everyday.
  • Was spoiled by Wilf because he couldn’t spoil Sylvia when she was growing up. He was away from home a lot due to work and Sylvia's mother wasn’t the softest of people. Sometimes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. (Sylvia married Geoff because he was so much like Wilf. She shouldn’t have been shocked when Geoff doted on Donna but it stung. Geoff was supposed to be for her.   What she didn’t realise was, he was. Always.)
  • Loves the Doctor even though she thinks he talks shit half the time and keeps shifting the goal posts to suit himself most days.
  • Gets a little thrill every time he tells her she’s brilliant, even though she doesn’t believe him. Yet.
  • Hopes she will one day soon.
  • Is trying to teach him to see the 'smaller picture' as well as the big picture.
  • Is amused that he still tries to impress her sometimes.
  • Would never in a million years tell him that he doesn’t have to try.
  • Didn’t see the appeal of River Song to be honest. 
  • Still wakes up to the screams of 20,000 people some nights.
  • She’s always quiet for a couple of days after.
  • Still has nightmares about a diamond planet and a frightened man with no voice who very nearly died while she drank fruity cocktails and soaked up xtonic sunlight by a luxurious swimming pool.
  • She’s always angry and a little bit ashamed for a couple of days after.
  • Still misses her children. Surprisingly for Donna, she doesn’t miss Lee as much. Thanks Lance.
  • Knows the Doctor needs her but would be a little shocked to learn just how much.
  • Is happy to ‘look after him’ as long as nobody mentions it. She doesn’t think it’s exactly a fair trade for all the Doctor’s done for her but it seems to be enough for him.
  • Misses her dad terribly.   While he was in the hospital drifting in an out of consciousness, she told him exactly what happened on Christmas day. She thinks he understood her. She wishes she could tell him about her life now. She thinks he’d get a big kick out of it.
  • Pushed the Doctor so hard about accepting Jenny for his sake as much as for Jenny’s.
  • Misses the possibility of Jenny. Thinks it would be better for the Doctor to have a family.
  • Doesn’t realise the Doctor feels he has one.
  • Doesn’t mind being mistaken for the Doctor’s wife as much as she lets on. She thinks it’s kind of funny actually and she likes how his cheeks pink up when anyone says it.
  • Has trained the Doctor to make an excellent cup of tea.
  • Hasn’t seen X-Factor in months and doesn’t care.
  • Wouldn’t mind a browse through ‘Heat’ or the odd packet of Pringles every now and then though.
  • Would kill for a Terry’s Chocolate Orange some days.
  • Loves it when the Doctor surprises her with one.
  • Loves all the adventure of different planets and even the running but she also likes the time spent in between in the Vortex. Some days they can spend hours sitting in the library reading, drinking tea and not saying a word to one another. They used to start out on different chairs, now they both just head for the three seater although it seems to be getting smaller because one or the others legs end up draped over the other before too long. Neither seems to mind terribly much.
  • Will say “Did you hear that?” when he starts to annoy her because he always gets bored with reading first and he tries to distract her from her book. She does the half turned head thing and the single eye squint move as well. He always goes off to the console room to investigate. It never fails.
  • Likes to listen to him talking to himself in Gallifreyan as he potters about the console room. She’s pretty sure she knows which ones are the swear words.
  • Thinks the Doctor held her hand so much in the beginning because he was trying to help her keep up. Now she’s able to keep up. She’s not sure why he still holds her hand.
  • Has caught the Doctor looking at her wistfully. When she calls him on it he goes pink and puts it down to his lazy eye.
  •  Has introduced happy hour in the TARDIS. Five o’clock anywhere will find them sipping cocktails and noshing on a plate of nibbles with their legs dangling out the doorway of the TARDIS swapping war stories. The first drink Donna ever made the Doctor was a Harvey Wallbanger. He didn’t like it much.
  • Has written letters to her mother and her grandfather that the Doctor is to deliver in the event of her death. She’s also written letters to Martha and Jack on Doctor handling in the event of her death. She’s knows they’ve both been there before but it doesn’t hurt to have a contingency plan. The letter she is writing to the Doctor is a long one and open ended. She had to buy herself a proper journal once it hit thirty pages. She wants to make sure that she thanks him for everything. In detail.


This Donna is of course without the happenings of JE.  It's very random and there are probably bits missing.  If there is a particular something that you wonder what my Donna would think/do/feel about, please don't hesitate to ask.  She's feeling quite chatty at the mo'.


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