Date: 2009-03-14 10:14 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for your enthusiasm. I'm sorry to hear you lost your father so young. I can't even begin to imagine what that must be like.

I think Gallifreyan would have a beautiful lilt like Gaelic and I think the TARDIS doesn't translate it for the companions because she thinks of it as one of the few things he has left of Gallifrey and she wants to protect that.

I think you may be right about the hand holding.

That's exactly what it is. A little time out for all concerned.

It's code and he knows it (now, it took him a little while though) but he lets her think she's putting one over him. It makes her happy and he likes to see her happy.

The letter to the Doctor is so long, Donna has 'new journal' on her list of things to buy next time there's any shopping to be had.

Donna doesn't regret not going with him the first time because she knows that she wasn't ready and neither was he. Besides, she would have missed all that time with her dad before he died and she would never have forgiven herself for that. No, it turned out the way it was supposed to.

Donna misses *all* her children.

That's the big question. Donna doesn't think she'll let herself fall in love again with anyone for a very, very long time. She's being very careful about it because of how badly it ended last time. It really knocked her around. That's why she's all "hands!" and "mates!" and "never ever married!" She can't even entertain the possibility of the idea. Thank you Lance. It wouldn't take much though.

God, that got long winded! I told you she was feeling chatty! Thanks for playing with me. Care to share your thoughts on Donna?

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