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(Here via [ profile] who_daily.)

That's lovely! Donna is awesome.

My favourite character is Seven, so:
- He can never resist a game. The best ones are the sort where he gets to make the rules, but he'll take on almost anything, just for the challenge, and he'll almost always win.
- He's lost that tiresome nobility. He's still fighting the good fight, but he's not averse to bending the rules to suit him. He likes to think his first self would have approved.
- He still cannot believe he ever wore that terrible jacket.
- He first takes Ace on board because he can use her. He never expected to grow to love her so much.
- Sometimes he sees a shadow in his eyes that he doesn't understand, and it scares him.
- Destroying Skaro felt good. He feels alternately ashamed and terrified by that.
- It was actually his fourth self who learned how to play the spoons; he'd forgotten until this regeneration that he knew how.
- Destroying Ace's faith is one of the hardest things he's ever done. He knows her voice will haunt him for the rest of his lives.
- He's seen one of his future selves: a tallish fellow with big ears and a leather jacket. The look of pain and suffering in that self's eyes still gives him nightmares.

There you go. I think I might post this at my own LJ, actually. Thanks for sharing your Donna!
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